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We Make your business BETTER!

Must be a Member!

The only way to get all the advantages on Netbex or become an affiliate and make money EVERY MONTH over and over with our residual payout program is to become a member!

Step 1: Become a Member!

Whether you need help with your computer or printer or setting up a network or need a website or need to get Google on your side... you MUST be a member to use our services!

The Membership cost is the same for everyone.  You then add the products & services you want are added later.  This is the best solution according to your clients because you only pay for the products and services you use.  You can always change, add or remove products and services, flexibility is the cornerstone of any small business.

Our Members are small businesses because if you were a large business, you'd have a staff doing what we do!  That's why small businesses love us, for a fraction of the cost they get a full IT and marketing department - just like the big businesses. If you're a big business and your tired of paying all that money and/or are looking for ways to reduce your overhead.  If that's the case, give us a call and let's see if we can find the right set of solutions for you!



Step 2:  After You Join

Then you choose the products and services you need and if your not sure we are here to help you or maybe we can put you in touch with other members in different parts of the world who are in similar business.

What We Do & How We Do It!

Netbex is dedicated to your success and it is an absolute necessity because of our business structure!  We are a membership based organization if we do not do a good job we lose business.  So, the pressure is on us to perform for you!


Members Are Partners!

Become a member of Netbex and you'll have access to all the benefits that help you run, grow and maintain your business.  Our years and years of experience will help you achieve your desired business goals.

Websites, Help Desk, Marketing & More!

See below the different membership levels and all the benefits that come with each and get started today.  We design, build and host websites, offer computer help desk to remotely fix your computer or printer issues, and our proven marketing solutions will help drive more business to you company.


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If you have any questions or comments at please give us a CALL AT 703-965-1233 or use this form and we will answer all of your questions before you become a Netbex member.